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    create fields and give them names from list-members

    chris23z436 Level 1
      hi friends,

      i´m creating a player for movies in director mx 2004 and on a win-pc.

      my movies are categorized and therefor they lay in separate folders, each for one category. these folders are located in the player startup-folder.
      i used buddy api to determine the folders in the player startup-folder.

      this is my code so far:

      global gfolderList, gFileList

      on folderNfileList me

      --kategorien/unterordner im playerverzeichnis
      gfolderList = baFolderList( the moviePath )

      gFolderListCount = gfolderList.count

      what i plan to do now - and this is there you can hopefully help me ;) - is the following:

      i want to create empty field-members, based on the category-/ folder-count and want to give them the same names as the determined folders have. further i want to fill these fields with their member-/folder-name. how to do it?

      probably with some kind of repeat-mechanism...(?) i tortured my brain, but i think my programming-skills are too bad right now. i would be very glad if you could write me an small example. i´m sure it´s not too difficult, is it? thank you in advance.