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    Screen Recording Problems


      Having installed captivate 2 -the application works fine until I try to record my desktop or an application. I have checked my setting rigourously and tested on different machines but face the same problem. When I hit record, I hear the shutter. I think click and move about for a bit, end the recording and when I go to see what was captured its always the same thing. the initial image at the start and that's it. Nothing else is captured - mouse, key board, screen changes etc. I have tried capturing full screen / app specific (not just browser). Changed settings to real time/ track mouse etc etc to no avail.

      Can you offer any help?
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          I am a bit confused by your post since I am not at all sure what you mean by "think click". It sounds like you are expecting Captivate to record in real time from the moment you open it. Unlike some of the other similar software available, Captivate does not record real time on-screen action...at least not as it's standard recording method. Captivate takes an initial screen shot, but from then on is event driven and will wait for you to click the mouse before taking another screen shot. It does have a real time recording method known as Full Motion Recording (FMR) but that only comes into play if you have it set to kick on for scrolling actions and the like or if you use F9 to manually start/F10 to stop.