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      i searched hi and low to see if anyone can get this working and all i found was other developers having exactly the same problem.
      First things first:
      I have a Winzip Pro 11 licence.
      I dont want to use java.util.zip as there no password/potection or encryption methods
      I dont want to use someone else's CFX etc as none of them allow encrypting with 256 AES or password protection.

      I do want to know if there is an expert out there that can successfully see me through a cfexecute calling wzzip, without the process hanging??

      <cfexecute name="c:\progra~1\winzip\wzzip.exe /c E:\temp\test.zip E:\temp\test.txt" timeout="10" outputfile="E:\temp\dosoutput.txt" />

      Starts a winzip process that never completes.

      This works fine (either dumping on screen or to a text file):
      <cfexecute name="cmd /c set" timeout="10" />

      I'm wondering if the path to 'wzzip' should be added to system path so we can do this:
      <cfexecute name="wzzip /c E:\temp\test.zip E:\temp\test.txt" timeout="10" outputfile="E:\temp\dosoutput.txt" />

      NOTE: I have tried all routes I am aware of e.g. wrapping the command line in a batch file and executing that returns the same problem.

      (Every time the process runs there is a temp zip file created by Winzip of 0 bytes that is locked by the hanging Winzip process)

      otherwise - HHHEEELLLPPPPP..
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          DJ_Jamba Level 1
          ok here's somethin interesting (actually it's odd):
          look at line 467 - after the zip file is created - it is immediately deleted (there is no delete switch in the command)

          wzzip e:\temp.zip e:\temp.txt

          why would it do that?
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            DJ_Jamba Level 1
            ok - i figured it out. It is purely a permissions issue.
            I built a test page in classic asp and the zipping was successful.
            Processof elimination led me to find user IIS used to process asp pages had correct permission and the CF system user (even as part of the local admin group) did not...