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    Typekit Fonts aren't syncing or activating

    sarahg42378618 Level 1

      My Typekit fonts aren't working AT ALL. My laptop has no problems, but on my iMac its not working what so ever.

      I've already done the following …

      1. Log out off Creative Cloud App, restart computer, log-ing again (done multiple times)

      2. Security Settings etc are are correct (firewall is off, app downloaded for Anywhere is turned on)

      3. Close all adobe programs, restart computer, re-open all programs and CC App.


      I also run Suitcase Fusion, I've quit it and restarted the computer .Open programs up in all different orders and still no luck.


      I'm running all the same programs and settings as on my MacBook, same internet connection as well and nothing is working to get the fonts to sync.

      Out of the blue they aren't working and were yesterday.


      Help please! I've lost so much time which should have been making money today trying to fix this!