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    How do I import an Aperture library with RAW+JPEG pairs (Fuji JPEG issue)?


      I am ready to switch from Apple Aperture to Lightroom, however I am having great difficulty importing RAW+JPEG Pairs.  Only JPEG files are making it into the library.


      I have noticed that some RAW files do come through.  They do not come through with a paired JPEG.  I believe this might have something to do with how Aperture is using the pair, as the cases where a RAW file has made it though were cases where I actually chose to use the RAW file for editing (typically I use JPEG's out of the camera because my Fuji does a great job and I like several of its film simulation modes).


      Has anyone experienced this, or better yet, solved this problem?  I am thinking about just exporting all of the original files and losing my metadata and edits, but I'd rather use the import tool if I can figure out how to move all of the files, not just the "dominant" file from Aperture.  Historically, I imported the files as "RAW+JPEG - Use JPEG as Original"; I have not found a way to separate the pairs, which I believe is what's needed in order to make a complete transfer.  Does anyone have any advice on how this might be achieved?  My guess is that the JPEG files are designated as the "Originals", and Lightroom simply chooses them over the RAW files when they are shown as such.  Does that sound correct to you guys?


      Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!!


      Computer:  Macbook Pro 2014, 2.6 GHz i7, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB

      Current Software:  Latest version of Adobe Lightroom CC, built-in plugin for importing from Aperture Library used

      Previous Software:  Final released version of Apple Aperture

      Primary camera used:  Fuji X100T, in RAW+JPEG (Fine)

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          chrisrobo Level 1

          More information regarding this issue:


          I did a test of how Aperture's classification of "original" file affects library input behavior.


          I opened one of my smallest projects and selected all of the photos.


          I chose "Use JPEG as original", and then I exported that project as a new library.


          I then selected all of the photos again, and chose "Use RAW as original", and then exported the project again as a new library.


          I then had two identical libraries with identical file sizes, however in each either RAW or JPEG files were designated as originals.


          I imported both projects into Lightroom CC.  Each one allowed the import of just the RAW files or JPEG files, depending on how they had been designated in their respected Aperture libraries.




          Within Aperture, an image file's designation as an "original" is the deciding factor on how the plugin decides which file to actually import into Lightroom; this apparently causes problems for users who have their RAW+JPEG pairs bonded together in this way, as only one of the pair is actually allowed entrance to the Lightroom library.


          Any plans to update the plugin to make allow the rules of this behavior to be changed?  It sure would be awesome to be able to import all of the files, not just the so-called "originals".


          There is no way to re-classify the files in Aperture to both be "originals"; this is decided at the time of import and is apparently irreversible.