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    I am getting this message- "E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER"- and can't download books from the library. How do I reset the account? The library said it wasn't their problem.

    Iowa Cathy

      I am trying to resolve this issue listed below. I have been to the library (Kalamazoo Public) and they don't have any idea of what I am asking. They say it is an Amazon problem.

      I tried to the second suggestion- authorize Computer but can't find "Library" to authorize the computer. Please help.



      When you open a book in Adobe Digital Editions, you get an error stating that another user account has the book locked:





      Check the Adobe ID used to currently authorize Adobe Digital Editions. If it is correct, contact the e-book provider to have the activation reset for the e-book. After the activation is reset, download the e-book again and it is associated with the account activated in Adobe Digital Editions.



      Additional information


      The check the Adobe ID currently used to authorize Adobe Digital Editions, choose Library > Authorize Computer.

      This error happens because the book is assigned to another user or something has gone wrong with the migration from anonymous activation to named activation.