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    I need to downgrade from elements 13 to 12 because the stop motion live capture is not available in 13


      I purchased The student teacher bundle with Premiere Elements 13 from Amazon to create stop motion live capture with my grandkids. I also asked for my school district to upgrade to version 13 at the end of this school year and thought I would get a head start before teaching this to 300 or so high school students every year.  I am beyond stupefied that a major feature would just be dropped! I am so disappointed that I am not able to create the Lego videos this summer but glad it happened now rather than start teaching a unit in front of 5 classes of 9th graders in the fall!

      I downloaded and am trying to install 12 - which still has the stop motion capture ability but the 13 serial number doesn't work in the lower version. Downgrading software shouldn't be a problem ESPECIALLY when there was no documentation stating what features were removed. 12 is the version I need before my grandchildren leave next Wed so I can show them how to use stop motion to create Lego videos like they saw in the Lego movie. They leave on the 22nd! I got ZERO help from customer service. They said to go get it someplace else even though it will cost twice as much. Getting the teacher discount limits where the software can be obtained. This frustration is a direct result of Adobe NOT publishing features that were removed and therefore good business practice and ethics to ensure that the customer be allowed to down grade to an earlier version without additional expense.  


      Why on earth would Adobe remove this feature? The Lego movie alone generated a HUGE increase is children being interested in creating their own stop motion videos. Yes - I know there are a couple dedicated stop motion video editors but the full ability for creating the wide range of visual communications genres was the thing I liked best about Premiere Elements. My class is one semester - I only teach introductory level non-linear video editing hoping that I can help students discover a new passion or start thinking about a future career. What were you thinking and can you help me down grade my personal copy of 13 to 12????? PLEASE...

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Since this is a user to user forum, not Adobe support, the only advice I can give is to contact Adobe for a refund, and then find a place that still sells the older version

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Have you seen the following?


            Removed features and unsupported file formats | Adobe Premiere Elements 13


            Be that as it may.


            As John mentioned, this is not Adobe. Rather user to user. Visitors here like yourself. It is highly unlikely that Adobe will exchange the purchased license and serial number for 13 with version 12. It does not sell 12 any more. And, this conclusion is ever more true since you did not purchase from Adobe. The policy has been - if you purchase the product as download from Adobe, within 30 days of purchase you can request return/refund. If you purchase elsewhere, you are governed by the return policy of the seller, in your case, Amazon. Under the circumstances, any likelihood of consideration is expected to come from Amazon.

            And, it might even have in stock the older product that you seek?


            None of what I have just mentioned should stop you from contacting Adobe Customer Service and possibly Adobe Education. But, I want to offer my impression of what you are facing. The Adobe Customer Service telephone number that can be obtained from Google Search is 1-800-833-6687. I have not found an appropriate online Adobe Chat link that I thought would be ideal for the type of situation that you present.



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              lstegen Level 1

              Thank you - and no I hadn't seen the list of removed features. Amazon did give me a refund since the feature I  needed wasn't there. They really are a great place to purchase.


              The customer service chat option was pretty fast - the support line people have to answer multiple calls simultaneously consequently questions were repeated and the topic had to be explained multiple times. I will be sure to search for the list of removed features whenever I'm thinking about an upgrade.


              Who makes these decisions about removing features??? I had a chance to look at the upgraded photoshop and they took out the magic extractor. That was to only feature that converted me to liking anything about elements. I teach both versions and the magic extractor was amazing. Even my newbies caught on quickly and used it (some of my advanced students too).


              Thanks again...