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    How do I add picture frames in a text document without messing everything up as I have?

    mortyfromqueens Level 1

      Hi Community,


      I tried my best to add picture frames in an InDesign document, and succeeded for the first three, BUT

      then the third one got moved over some text after I added the fourth one after it.

      Thhe following is probably wrong, but I didn't see another way in an InDesign video of place text and pictures to do it:

      To insert my picture frames under the authors' names, I had to it return the text fourteen times to fit my 3" x 3" frames.

      Of course that moved text down and onto other pages, but that was okay UNTIL what I said happened above to the third one.

      This 342-page document (so far, and growing) is a work in flux. Though the text is essentially settled, there needs to be

      some deletions, moving, insertions of picture frames and so on.

           Thanks for your help!

                Morty Sklar