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    Problem Printing Custom Page Size


      I have just switched to an iMac and CC from a PC with CS4.  I'm thinking this is completely user-error as I navigate my way around new equipment, so I'm hoping someone can point out where I've gone wrong.


      The specs:

      Mac with Yosemite OS

      CC 2015 InDesign

      HP M551 Printer


      I am attempting to print a custom size.  The inDesign page setup is the finished page size.  In the print dialog box I have setup / paper size / custom and the document size has automatically populated.  The print goes off the bottom edge of the page.  I have tried countless combinations of settings in the inDesign print dialog, print presets, and print driver dialog box, but I get either the same result or blank prints. I have also tried printing at different orientations and sizes (running envelopes, so I've done open with bottom fed first and closed sideways) as well as creating a whole new document just to have a "clean slate" but nothing has worked.  Just ran a job of letter size and it was just fine.  What am I doing wrong?  THANKS SO MUCH!