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    E-book or what?


      Hi everyone. I'm a little confused on how to proceed for a project.


      I have created a 350 page book in Indesign that is pretty basic with images and text. It's a sort of proposal for colleagues. I plan to print it and give each of them a copy. However, I later decided to add video files to the book, and so I would like to have an option for them to view the file on their computers (most have Macs, some have PCs). I have exported it as an interactive PDF, and figured that I could have them download the file and view them that way, but it seems like you can only view the "interactive" parts if you open the PDF in an Adobe program (i.e. not Preview, which is most people's default PDF viewer). Some of my colleagues are older and just will not understand this, even if I tell them to open with one program.


      Anyway, I need to make this as user-friendly as possible so that they can view the interactive book on their computers and they don't have to download any special software or e-book apps, etc. or have to pay to view it. I'm happy to pay myself to have it published somewhere online (blurb, etc.), but I just want them to be able to see this book by clicking on a link, on their computers, whether they have a PC or Mac. Note: I have my own personal website that I could embed or link from.


      Thoughts? Suggestions?

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          Why don't you produce just a plain PDF by exporting it from InDesign (use the setting High Quality Print, as this looks good on screen and prints out well on desk-top printers).  The PDF can be sent out as an email attachment, and it can also be added to your website for others to download. Just by clicking on it will launch Acrobat Reader, I think most people nowadays have the reader on their computer. You can include a hyperlink on the PDF to the video on, say, YouTube.