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    Multiple Lightroom mobile Device folders & Sync Problems LRCC & LR Mobile.

    Mr Crustacean

      I am running Lightroom CC on a Windows 7 PC and files will not sync between my Samsung Android phone and the LR desktop program.


      I can upload Collections to the Cloud and they are visible on my mobile and also within a web browser. However any attempts to sync files from my mobile to LRCC, just results in a notification telling me files are syncing.

      I currently have 41 files syncing to LRCC.


      I don't know if it is connected but LRCC has also created multiple Lightroom mobile Device folders which contain no images and cannot be deleted/removed?


      I have tried all the suggested fixes: sync.lrdata file deleted; mobile application re-installed and all data deleted via LRCC.


      Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


      Kind regards,Capture 18.07.15.PNG