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    Rendering with two or more computers ??!


      Hey there ...
      im using after effect CC 2015 ...
      i have a 15 min project that i have completed recently .. i exported it to Media Encoder Queue .. the estimated time for the process is 30 hrs ..
      thats really long .. so i searched online for something called Multi-Machine rendering .. which lets you use more than one computer to render the same project over the network
      but the extracted file is in a sequence form not a video ...
      Q/ is there any way that lets me use two or more computers to render the same project simultaneously and export it directly as a MP4 video ??
      ( using AE or ME )

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You cannot use network rendering to create clip files for the simple reason that multiple users/ computers cannot access the same file fro writing. that has nothing to do with AE, that's a general computer thing. The rest is a non-issue. What's wrong with rendering an image sequence and converting it later? you need to read up on intermediate workflows.