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    ADE 4 install failed on WXP, why?


      'Not much to say here - I downloaded the very latest ADE 4.0 and tried installing it on my old WXP PC. It said I first needed .NET Framework 4, so I downloaded and installed that (successfully). Then I went back to installing ADE 4 and it said it was completed and I clicked on "Close". Normally it would then go and see to migration of existing data, if required (which it wasn't), but at that point it instead gave a message saying an error occured and it had to close ADE 4.0 and would I like to send a report to Microsoft. Later I tried launching the ADE 4 which it said had "completed" install and I get that fatal error message halt again every time. I tried uninstalling and rebooting and reinstalling but same thing every time after several tries.