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    Lightroom CC and Lightroom Standalone - Clarification help please

    pondball Level 1

      I am testing Lightroom CC on my home iMac right now and need some guidance as to whether i need to run the CC or Standalone version once i purchase it.


      I understand the CC version gets updates regularly whereas the SA version probably will not. Up until a few days ago I had no hispeed (averaging .2 - .8 mbps) and felt I could not use the CC version. My Bandwidth was also 3 Gb. I now get somewhat faster hispeed (5 - 8 mbps with 60 GB bandwidth).


      • Is this increase in speed and BW sufficient to go with the CC version?

      • Can I still work off local storage devices at home rather than use the Creative Cloud? I don't want to blow out all my BW on photo synching etc.

      • I would like to use the mobile version of Lightroom if possible. Can I simply publish a limited # of  files to CC while on the road?


      What would be the advantages of me signing up for CC over the Standalone version? Most if not all of my work will be from my MBPro using files stored both on my home network and on my MBPro.