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    How does one remove a plugin in the Plugin Manager when the "remove" button is grayed out?

    Califdan2 Level 1

      I moved my plug-ins from the default ".....Roaming/Modules" folder to a folder on a portable external drive (where my catalog, catalog settings, and images are) so that when I take the drive on the road with me I will have the latest versions of my settings and plugin's. 


      Then, in LR CC-2015 those plugins were disabled which is to be expected.  However, as I couldn't find a place to tell LR the new location for the plugin's I used the "Add" button to load copies from the new location.  So now I have 2 copies of each plugin showing in the plugin manager.  One is active (pointing to the external drive) and one is inactive (pointing to "....Roaming/Modules") so I want to delete the inactive ones.  However when I highlight one of them the "Remove" button remains grayed out and non functional. 


      Can someone let me know how to delete a publish service when the "remove" button is not active?