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    AE CC2015 crashes when attemtping to open




      I saw similar threads but no answers so I am hoping starting a new thread may bring me and others some luck.




      I upgraded to AE CC2015 and while on the splash screen I was getting a fatal mismatch error about Red Giant Micro Scratches.  I removed all unnecessary Red Giant Plugins and have now begun receiving the following error (still on the splash screen):

      "Last log message was <140735287354112> <BEE_WorkQueue> <5> thread main stack size: 524288"


      I still have a few Red Giant plugins installed, but since the error is not about Red Giant anymore it seems unrelated.


      I have tried uninstalling AE CC 2015 twice - and removed preferences the second time.  I am still getting this error.


      My computer specs are
      Mac Pro (Early 2009)

      2 x 2.26 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon

      40 GB RAM

      NVIDIa GeForce GTX 680


      OS Version 10.10.4


      Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.