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    Import of Excel File in AE?


      Hey guys, for a organization in my hometown i have to edit final credits to a presentation. The problem is that they use over 3000 names. So is there a plugin or something, that i can import the excel file in AE?


      Thank you very much!


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There are a number of scripts that import CSV formatted text files. Check AEScripts.



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            Mathias Moehl Adobe Community Professional

            This really depends on how you need to import them.


            If all the names should be on the same text layer, you can simply select all content in the spreadsheet, copy and paste it to AE.


            For a comparison of the different spreadsheet solutions that exist for AE, see the section "Is Text2Spreadsheet the right tool for me" at

            Text2Spreadsheet - aescripts + aeplugins - aescripts.com


            If you need the names on separate layers, with Text2Spreadsheet you could do the following:


            1) Create an AE project with 3000 dummy text layers (you can duplicate the same layer as often as needed).

            2) Let Text2Spreadsheet export a spreadsheet for your project

            --> now you have a spreadsheet with 3000 dummy texts in one column of the spreadsheet

            3) replace the dummy texts with your names (by cut and paste from your original spreadsheet)

            4) let Text2Spreadsheet load the modified spreadsheet