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    After Effects CS4 crashes when applying motion tracking data to a Null Layer



      I have a problem when trying to apply motion tracking data to a Null Layer. I import the video, go to the section which I want to track, edit target (Null 1, 2...) and when I click Apply, AE crashes. It did that 4 times. What shall I do?

      Information about my PC:

      Lenovo G580 20150 (2189 reported by OS and Solution Center?)

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

      DDR3 4 GB RAM

      Intel Core i3-3110M (Ivy Bridge, 2 physical cores, 4 logical)

      Creative Suite 4 Master Collection

      I'm also thinking of upgrading my RAM to 16 GB. Should AE CC 2015 run fine on 16 GB (with the same processor)?