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    RSA Library for ExtendScript?

    DBarranca Level 4


      has anyone been able to implement a JS library for RSA encryption in ExtendScript?

      I've been using CryptoJS quite successfully, but it lacks a RSA module. I've tried travist/jsencrypt · GitHub with no luck (ExtendScript complains for few things, like window and navigator), I'll be trying digitalbazaar/forge · GitHub too in the next days.

      Any suggestion is welcome.

      Thank you!


      Davide Barranca

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          DBarranca Level 4


          • jsencrypt: lack of window and navigator object could be worked around equalling var window = $.global and creating a navigator obj (borrowing one from, say, Chrome)
          • jsrsasign: ugly API
          • forge: seems to be the better one, fast and it works both in JSX bundling the library and server side as a node.js module, (which was a prerequisite) - could have a better documentation, though.