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    Sounds stopping early

    dave cragg Level 2
      I've had a problem with some mp3 files. They won't play to the end of the file on some setups. In my case, I see the problem within a Flex app in IE and Firefox on Windows, but not on Macs. But I've had reports that the some people experience the problem on Firefox on Macs.

      The problem has occurred with two groups of files. The first group had fairly low bitrates (90kbs or less). Re-saving with a higher bitrate (128kbs) seemed to solve the problem. I assumed that there was a general problem with playing lower bitrate mp3 files.

      However, I have two files with a bitrate of 160kbs, and they are having the same problem. On affected computers, they will stop when less than halfway through the sound.

      All the problem files play fine with other audio software. (Well, with the programs I've tried, at least.)

      It's possible all the affected files were originally encoded in either iTunes or QuickTime. I don't know for sure as some of them have been re-saved in another program. But I know that among those that have been re-saved, some were orginally created with iTunes or QuickTime, so it's possible the others were too. Another group of mp3 files that I know were not created with iTunes/QuickTime play faultlessly on all machines.

      Are there any known problems with mp3 files in Flash/Flex? Has anyone had a similar exerience? Any help or insights would be welcome.