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    Photos automatically imported do not seem to be checked when importing the same files manually later?


      Having used the auto import feature to import a photo taken from an iPhone, manually importing from the iPhone imports it again as a duplicate.


      They have exactly the same metadata and name, but obviously in different folders but are in the same catalogue. Subsequent attempts at importing from the iPhone results in the photo being greyed out as a duplicate.


      The option to not import duplicates is selected.


      Why doesn't LR check the photos that have been auto-imported when manually importing?


      My goal was to get photos taken on an iPhone to transfer to the mac, which are then picked up in the watched folder to be imported. I don't want them to show up in the import if I then decide later that I have some to manually import from the same phone.


      Dropbox was a failure as it renames the photos when uploading, which is what I assumed was the problem but even moving the photo from the phone and placing it in the watched folder, without modification, was still allowing the import of a duplicate.