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    Sending to Premiere from Premiere Clip

    Mike Illustrator

      Using an iPhone5s. When I send a Premiere Clip project to Premiere I get a clips not synced warning and cannot send the project.


      If I turn the phone on and off the clips sync and I can send to Premiere.


      I have Wi-fI on and clips are under 4 minutes each.


      Is there a way of re-syncing clips?



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          bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

          Hi Mike,


          Any changes you make to the project (adding a title, adding a Look, trimming) sync automatically. When you get the "clips not synced" error, it means that the media in your project is still uploading to the cloud.

          If you keep the project open and wait a few minutes, the media will finish syncing -- no need to restart your device. You can monitor the progress of your project sync by tapping on the spinning circle next to the music note icon. Once the spinning circle disappears (or the progress shows "Synced") you can send your project to Premiere Pro.


          Please let us know if your project never makes it to 100% synced and we can help you troubleshoot.


          Community Manger, Mobile Video Editing