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    map not visible


      HI there;


      I have Lightroom CC, release 2015.1 on a Windows 8 platform.  Until a week or so ago, the map in LR was visible and was accepting photos for geotagging.  Today, however, the map is blank.  I have tried it at several zoom levels and restarted LR but the window where the map should remains blank.  I have looked on various forums but the last entry was dated 2013 and was not relevant.


      I have a good internet connection.


      Help anyone?

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          I am having this problem as well.  Lightroom CC 2015.2.1 (latest version as of now) on Windows 10 (fully updated).  Map module comes up but screen stays blank. No amount of fiddling with controls helps. Google maps works fine in a browser.  I tried loading a tracklog and nothing comes up. I seem to recall that it worked fine until just recently - it's like it has just decided to give up!  Thoughts?

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            Same problem with Linghtroom 6.3 on Windows 10.  I tried nearly all post's suggestion like (GPU, grafic processor, Flash player, permissions on Flashplayer's folder , internet adblocks, network issues) and all seems ok, but the problem remain : the map doesn't display, nothing.