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    Lightroom mobile - file storage location?

    swilson11 Level 1

      I recently used Lightroom Mobile on iPad during a trip.  I loaded all my photos each day and did some initial screening & light editing (to be completed on desktop upon return).  After playing around with it for a few days, I've become even more confused how LR is handling the files.  Here are my main questions:

      • After syncing my iPad, I now have a new Lightroom Mobile collection of Jpegs on my desktop.  I actually took photos in both RAW & Jpeg formats knowing Lightroom Mobile can only handle Jpeg format (I wanted to also collect RAW in case I needed it later.  The LR Mobile collection only contains the Jpegs.  How do I access the RAW files that I loaded to the iPad?  I need to import them seperately?  I don't see any option to import the RAW only.
      • I'm unclear where the original files are located (of a LR Mobile Collection)- The cloud or desktop?  The Adobe explanation *below is unclear (to me anyway).  I want to make sure the originals on my desktop.
      • Do I now need to move the files from the mobile collection to a desktop folder?

      *From Adobe:  Lightroom on mobile syncs original JPEG, PNG, and video files captured by your mobile device camera in the Creative Cloud. Lightroom on desktop creates and syncs images to the cloud in the form of Smart Previews. Smart Previews are smaller versions of your original files, roughly 1.5 or 2 MB in size, and retain all the flexibility of a raw file. Changes made to smart previews automatically sync with your originals. The original files remain on your desktop and are not stored, synced, or used by Lightroom on mobile. As such, Lightroom on mobile should not be used as a backup service.

      Appreciate any help


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          migomax Level 1

          I have this question too, thanks. posting here to hopefully get feedback from Adobe.


          Your question was from July - did you find any answers elsewhere?

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            breapersing Level 1

            I just talked to an agent and he said nothing is stored in the cloud. The originals are stored on your mobile device.

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              lynh20445855 Level 1

              I have exactly the same question. I travelled for two months and have thousands of pics in RAW on my SD cards, but only 1000 on my iPad pro which are edited and collated into albums.  I want to transfer what's on my iPad Pro to my HD on my desktop and not have to start all over again with the unedited files from the SD cards.  Anyone got any advice please?

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                selondon Adobe Community Professional

                When you are connected to the internet photos in LrM will sync to the Cloud.


                If you are signed into LrM in Lightroom Desktop the images in the Cloud with sync back to the 'From Lr Mobile' folder.


                You can save photos back to the Camera Roll but I believe it's only one at a time.

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                  lynh20445855 Level 1

                  Thank you for responding Seledon.


                  So.....it started to do that but I had to pause it because of my internet plan which I will need to upgrade, however I can see it will probably work.


                  Next question:  What I had imagined doing was synching with my desktop (and backing up in Dropbox which is where I keep my backup)) and then deleting them from the IPad Pro because the desktop has heaps of space.  When i left home to go on this trip I was only just learning Lightroom so I'm no expert.  Will this synching transfer an actual RAW file to my desktop, or is it only like a 'pointer' to the one and only copy on my IPad Pro? 


                  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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                    selondon Adobe Community Professional

                    No probs.


                    Yep, the internet is the problend when it comes to the workflow (there have been fearure requests for a wired workflow also).


                    But yes, the RAWs will download (location of the Folder can be changed in the LrM preferences within Lr Desktop). The RAWs also remain in the Cloud (storage quota not official but some users have 500gb up there).


                    Once the upload is complete you can Clear Cache on your 'Lightroom Photos' collection (or just single  collections) on the iPad. It will free up

                    space and will just leave thumbnails until you go to view or edit, when it will download what it needs again.


                    Make sure all syncing is finished first though.

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                      lynh20445855 Level 1

                      Firstly Selandon, you are a gem.  Thank you.  That's so useful.  I have a few more questions if you can put up with me.....


                      So now is it correct that the full RAW file version for each photo is on my desktop?  I have all my original files in Dropbox for all my photos so I'm not certain where it would have stored them - not to Dropbox.  Do you know please how I can see where they are saved before I attempt to move them to Dropbox?    Like I would have expected a 'right click shows file path' sort Of thing but that doesn't seem to work.


                      Also, the ones in the cloud....can we see them or is that just a big mystery? 


                      thank you again.

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                        selondon Adobe Community Professional



                        This may help....


                        How to sync Lightroom desktop and the Lightroom mobile app


                        Look under the section 'Lightroom for Mobile Preferences' see 'Location'. (This can be changed if you want).




                        You can see what is in the Cloud by following this:

                        Learn to use Lightroom on the web

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                          jamesb73964705 Level 1

                          Hi all,


                          I'm having a similar issue - I have been using the trial version of Lightroom Mobile for iOS. The trial has expired, however the app still seems to be functioning as before. However, I would like to export the RAW files from the Lightroom iOS app OR to download them from the Cloud Storage where the app says they are stored. Does anyone know how I can do either?


                          Attached below are screenshots showing the 1,587 photos that are apparently stored in the Cloud despite that I have never had anything but a free Creative Cloud account. When I log into Adobe it says "Creative Cloud Free membership" under products but there is no mention of Lightroom Mobile. There is also no images on  assets.adobe.com.


                          Can anyone help?


                          PS: I'm aware I can export them to the phone one by one using the "Export Original" function, but I was hoping there was a better way.





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                            selondon Adobe Community Professional

                            Was it Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that you tried to log into James?

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                              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              It's one by one, though maybe you can connect the phone to a computer and browse it like a drive?


                              lightroom.adobe.com is where LrM files can be found.

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                                jamesb73964705 Level 1

                                Thanks both. Yeah I think that was where I needed to look - still can't see the files/download as the trial has expired. But at least it recognises I was using a trial as opposed to the rest of my Adobe account.


                                Might try signing up for CC for a month at some point to sync... (or spend a month individually downloading 1600 pics!)