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    Newbie needs help !

    Melanie_Wallace Level 1

      I need to create an EXE that can be played fullscreen from a MOV. I thought of using Director, because I'm guessing it's the most appropriate application to help me than Flash. (beside, my ".mov" is 3Gigs - too much for flash to handle).

      The thing is that I'm totaly new with Director. I managed to import the video in my cast and place it in the score. The sprite is 50 frames long. When I hit "enter" to preview it... it works fine (except that it's not fullscreen). » When I publish it... it plays like the 10 secondes of my video (it's a 3 min. video). How come ? Also, I noticed in the publish settings a fullscreen option. When a check it, my projector plays fullscreen... but my video is still being played in a window the size of my stage (it looks like a pop up window).

      Can anyone help me with this ? My exe have to be fullscreen, it also have to loop (for ever).

      ... I'm lost. Thanks !
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Director's default behavior is to play each frame in turn until it reaches the end, then quit. To get the playback head to stay on a given frame:

          1. Open the Score window
          2. Double-click in a cell in the Script channel. This is the row of cells just above the grey bar
          with the frame numbers
          3. In the Script window which opens, type:

          on exitFrame
          go the frame

          If you do this on (say) frame 50, the playback head will run through frames 1 to 50, then keep looping back to frame 50. Forever.

          Or until you tell it to go somewhere else. Whichever happens sooner.
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            Level 7
            Hi Melanie,

            On the fullscreen side of things, Director by default, does not not resize the
            whole stage to fit the monitor size. If your stage is 800x600 and your monitor
            1024x768, the projector could fill the screen with a solid colour (stage colour)
            but the viewable content will only be that 800x600 window in the middle (the
            location can be moved but is typically centred).

            To make that 800x600 really fullscreen, you can do one of the following:
            1. Use Lingo to stretch the stage size size.
            2. Change the monitor settings to make the screen match the stage size.

            If you want more info on either the above, let me know. Or look at my FAQ page on
            this at:

            To make your projector window look less like a popup with titlebar and other
            elements, you'll need to change settings in the Display Template. I have a
            tutorial/technote on creating a stub projector where I cover the Display Template
            settings. It is at:

            Hope that helps.

            Good luck with your project.


            Director Lecturer / Consultant

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              Melanie_Wallace Level 1
              Thanks! it helped me a lot.
              My movie plays in loop. I'm still not able to play it fullscreen. Well, I've been able to by adding this script :
              (the stage).rect = (the destopRectList)[1]
              (the stage).drawRect = (the destopRectList)[1]
              With that script,... yes it works, but it plays slower and the quality is not verry good.

              I downloaded xtras (DM change Res - BudyAPI and DisplayRes). I don't know how it works. I installed them all by placing them in the xtras folder of director... but how do I use them inside the application ? How to I tell my project to use the xtras ?

              Thanks again!
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                Level 7
                Hii Melanie,

                Yes, stetching the stage to full screen can affect performance of the movie. To
                change using an Xtra, you need Lingo to resize the monitor. With DM changeRes, you
                may have something like:
                the above assumes your stage is 800x600.

                you may put tht in a movie script written as:
                on prepareMovie

                You install an Xtra by putting it in the Xtras folder in the Director program
                setup. You need that Xtra with your projector as well. This can either be embedded
                into the proector or kept external. In my stub projector tutorial, I explain this:

                Hope that answers your question. If things are still unclear, you can email me
                directly on d.utian@unsw.edu.au and I can send you a demo Director file.


                Director Lecturer / Consultant

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                  ColinMW Level 1



                  NTSC is 640x480 when displayed properly.


                  Maybe shrink the stage to 640x480 and then goto full screen, and it should work.


                  Alighning the corners of the video on stage is only to be done with constraint (Shift key held down.)


                  The readout for the sprite on the stage states the top, left, right, bottom of the sprite, so that should read (0,0,640,480.) You can do that adjustment in the property inspector, too.


                  Hope this helps you,



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                    Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

                    Why are you are replying to a post 10+ years old?

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                      ColinMW Level 1

                      Didn't spot the date on the post. Just knew the answer.