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    Extension Builder 3 with PS CC 2015 not able to run any project

    ferryv96517140 Level 1



      I have tried a lot of things to get Extension Builder 3 working on my computer, my setup:

      - Windows 7 64 bit SP1 build 7601

      - Eclipse Luna 4.4.2 (latest version)

      - Extension Builder 3 (newly downloaded)

      - Photoshop CC 2015 (latest version) - not installed on the default location

      - Extension Manager CC

      - Extendscript Toolkit CC


      Also, I already did some research and needed to change my Manifest Hostlist to:


      <Host Name="PHXS" Version="[15.0,16.9]" />

      <Host Name="PHSP" Version="[15.0,16.9]" />


      Next up, I've changed my PlayerDebugMode setting in my registery of CSXS.4 and CSXS.6 to the value 1 to enable debug mode.


      This does not seem to work, I also tried to change the CSXS version from 4.0 to 6, but does not work aswell. Since I don't have PS installed on the default location I also needed to change the location path in the Extension Builder properties in Eclipse.


      I have no more clues on how to get this working.


      Anyone has any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance