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    Flash CS3 and 4 Glitch


      Please excuse me if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I literally just joined the forum to ask this question


      I've been illustrating in Flash CS4 and have continually run across a terrible glitch. It usually happens when I'm using the fill color tool or the select tool. It causes the current layer's objects/ lines to randomly disappear and the colors to be smeared across the screen in big bars. Anything that comes in contact with the glitching colors is destroyed or corrupted.

      The only way to save the document is to close without saving. If I do save, the distortions are saved along wit the document and trying to fix anything will cause the program to crash.


      I originally assumed this was the fault of my very old computer (Window XP, running Flash CS3) but I recently acquired a new computer and version of Flash (Windows 7, running Flash CS4) and I'm still having the exact same issue. Untitled.png

      Here's a screenshot of what happens. This was originally completed linework for a comic page and nearly everything on the active layer was deleted. I also have a corrupted document which I saved in which one of the layers is actively glitching. (If you click on it or use various tools, strange things happen)


      Please help, I don't want to lose anymore work!