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    Book Module - Under the Hood


      I have made several books using processed RAW files (no sharpening though) in the LR book module and uploading it to Blurb. I watched my histogram and didn't have clipping in the highlights or shadows. The books turned out very well except there were a few pages with tiny detail in grasses that seemed a little over sharpened. The color was an amazing match to my monitor and to prints made on my Epson 3880. I am color calibrated. All in all, I had a great experience with LR book module.


      However, I want to make a more complex book with more text integrated with the photos and I need more templates and a better interface with text than the book module provides. So, I'm wondering what goes on under the hood in the book module when it prepares a book file to send to Blurb. Is there any adjustment to contrast or sharpening?


      I'd really appreciate hearing from someone who has used both processes: through LR book module and through Bookwright. Did you add sharpening when converting the processed RAW file to a JPG or did you use another sharpening method?  and did you make additional adjustment for contrast? In other words, what do I have to do to compete with the Book Module?