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    i7 or Xeon for Lightroom CC


      Lightroom fully utilizes my Intel i7-3820. So, it's about time to put a faster chip in my machine. I don't plan on changing my motherboard so right now my budget gives me too options. Intel i7-4930k or the Xeon E5-2670 v2. They both are roughly the same price (used). i7 has the faster clock at 3.4ghz with 6 physical cores and the Xeon has 10(!) cores and a clock of 2.5 ghz. Both run on the same 22nm architecture. For GPU acceleration I have 2 GTX 770 in SLI. 


      The Xeon typically performs better in synthetic benchmarks. The use case is LOTS of lightroom time. I’m pretty confident the Xeon would be better if Lightroom is optimized for multiple threads, but then I see something like this: https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Adobe-Lightroom-CC-6-CPU-Multi-threading-Perfor mance-649/


      Anyone have experience here? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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          Nothing new in the test . Its in line with the recommendations from Adobe and other real world tests: Buy the fastest single CPU (clock speed)  you can afford, with 6-8 cores. Adobe has published some white papers regarding performance on adobe.tv , youtube and on adobe.com.