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    Animated video appears darker on Mac computer screens?


      So this has been driving me nuts. Any insight on this will be great!


      I've been making an animated video on a Windows 8 Desktop Computer. My monitor is actually a Sceptre model TV that I've converted to a monitor. The brightness of the screen is set high, but it's not at the highest setting. When I render my animation I use these settings, specified by my employer. In the Format Options I set it as an MPEG 4 Video at the highest quality.



      When I watch the render video on my computer, it looks fine, a little on the darker side but crisp and contrasted, like I want it. When I need to show my employer the video, I have to upload it onto a video hosting site. For larger files my animation upload may take ten minutes to upload, if it can handle the large size. Oftentimes I compress the video 60% its size and then upload the .mp4 (rather than .mov like the original version) video onto the hosting site. But when my employer watches it on his Mac, the video is significantly dimmer and muddier.


      To give you an idea of what the animation looks like, here's a sample



      Here's what I'm thinking keeps happening:


      -Mac changes the color quality of videos, similar to printing a RGB image file that really should be a CMYK image

      -When I compress the video the colors become dimmer

      -The vast amount of black in the video makes everything look dimmer

      -My cheap TV monitor shows colors way too bright


      Are there any other reasons for this? Is there a RAM preview or color setting that I need to fix in After Effects to fix this problem? I would love some answers ASAP since this project is very close to finish and this is literally the only thing I have left to work on it. Thank you!

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          Are there any other reasons for this?




          When I render my animation I use these settings (imagine image here)


          You get what you ask for - you are using Apple's legacy H.264, which is bug-ridden, hasn't been updated in like forever and messes with the Gamma. Use AE's native H.264 encoder via the Adobe Media Encoder. Beyond that you have some reading to do on color management, how CoDecs use different Gamma and color ranges and how said Gamma is different for Macs and Windows PCs. All of this is basic stuff that you can find plenty of info on the web about.



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            Thank you for the quick and thorough response!


            I would've never thought to research gamma affecting Macs and Windows screens. Good to have some more specific terminology to research! (I'm sure I'll have this problem with future projects so might as well read up on it now).


            For now I'll try the AE H.264 encoder. Thanks again for your help!