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    Activation server shutdown now affected ADE?

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      Back in 2012, under Windows PC, I used ADE and it served with utter perfection. I was able to borrow eBooks from my local public library. Each would download as a small .acsm (Adobe Content Server Message) file. I could then use ADE to fetch the actual eBooks targeted by those pointer files. They would load properly into my "Borrowed" bookshelf. From there I could either read them or I could readily transfer them over to my Nook eReader. The entire system worked flawlessly. That was probably ADE version 1.0 that I was using, though its Properties showed it as "file version 9.0.1131.27".


      Then I bought books retail for a couple or three years and stopped using ADE.


      Now I wish to return to my practice of borrowing eBooks from the public library. But now the system is hopelessly broken and I suspect that the Activation Server shutdown spoken of in the forum thread here at Activation server shut down for Creative Suite 2, Acrobat 7, and Macromedia products is affecting me, even though ADE is not among the titles listed as being affected by that 2013 shutdown. I suspect that since my previous activation dated back to 2012 that I am out of luck. I download and install the latest, ADE 4.0.3,.and force removal of current authorization by deleting the "Adept" key from my system registry, which is the only way I can succeed at removing the old authorization for some reason. (Otherwise it repeatedly claims "Unable to remove authorization, try again later"). I have to remove authorization because I would otherwise continually get that danged "Error, check activation" message. Then I go and try to authorize anew using my valid Adobe ID and password. But it continually says, "Connection Error - unable to connect to the activation server -- check you Internet connection". Well my Internet connection is fine and dandy. Could my ISP (Suddenlink) be blocking the activation server?? I sincerely doubt it! So tell me that server's IP and I'll try pinging it and see what happens.


      So the system I once used to borrow eBooks from a public library won't work any longer. That's an insult to the collective human psyche! I realize that ADE is free gratis but public library borrowing is a sacred trust, so to speak.


      Even if I revert back to my ancient ADE 1.0 it no longer works right. I was able to load eight eBooks to my ADE bookshelf and subsequently transfer them to my Nook eReader (hallelujah), but I had borrowed 10. Trying to load the last two again resulted in a balk about connecting to the activation server. The error message said, "Error getting license - Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED". That spells the end of the road for public eBook borrowing for me. It ain't fair!


      In the 2013 thread I cited above it says the activation server had to be shut down due to a "technical glitch". I feel strongly that Adobe should be magnanimous and provide a solution to this nightmarish scenario. After all, Adobe provides the sole means of getting public library eBooks onto my Nook. Sure, I can still read borrowed eBooks in my PC's browser, but I can't take that to bed with me. Even tablets are a bit too cumbersome for "curling up with a nice mystery".


      Get my point?

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          I've found out that the URL http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/activate is central to the authorization process. I found that out by examining keys in the system registry. When I direct my browser to that URL I get a 404 Error -- the resource is NOT AVAILABLE. So my ISP is definitely not blocking the activation server domain or anything bizarre like that. It appears that Adobe has intentionally made the activation URL unavailable. Truthfully, I have no particularly deep comprehension of these workings and I WANT help.


          I toyed with uninstalling ADE and then trying their earlier version 3.0. It offered a different kind of authorization screen dialog, listing particular eBook vendors in a drop-down menu. That isn't present in version 4. It let me authorize using just my Adobe ID and password but when I try to Add to Library (open a .ascm file), I get that tiresome message E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED.


          Again, this current situation is truly nightmarish. The system used to work to such utter perfection.  Arghh!

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            ADE doesn't and has never used the same activation servers that other Adobe products were using that was shut down. ADE 4.0 will let you authorize with either an Adobe ID or a Vendor ID which you can select with a drop down menu:

            Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.41.36 AM.png


            How long did you take to download the eBooks after retrieving the ACSM files from your library's storefront? E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED is generally received after an ACSM file expires after a set amount of time designated by the library. It may also be caused by your computer's time being out of sync with Microsoft's time server.

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              Thanks for reply, cselhost. You are most helpful!


              The .acsm files were opened promptly enough, within 24 hours anyway and maybe within a couple hours. I am trying hard to remember. I recall I spent all day Saturday fighting with the system, and Regedit, and getting nowhere fast. I was unable to reauthorize ADE 4.0.3, I recall, getting the message about connection error to the activation server. Then late in the day or maybe Sunday I got the bright idea to do a system restore which reverted the PC in question back to ADE 1.7, which had served great for us back in 2012. I opened all 10 .acsm files as a batch and it gagged only on the last two. Perhaps a 24-hour or 36-hour deadline had coincidentally gotten met during that process.


              But this clarification you've supplied is mighty helpful - thank you!


              So when I (its actually for the missus) finish reading the 8 eBooks, and return them, we'll be real particular next time about the time lapse. Normally we would be prompt but I got snagged with the ADE 4 authorization removal and re-authorization, which never took.


              I will post again. Sorry that my comprehension of the matter is woefully flawed. I've been grasping at straws with this, hours upon hours of exasperation, and I'm near wit's end -- y'know?


              I like that you've given a glimmer a hope. Again, thank you.

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                Looking at my browser's History, I see that the 10 eBooks were borrowed around 11AM Saturday and I did the system restore at 4:48PM that same day and promptly opened the .acsm files almost immediately thereafter. So the delay was minimal, about 6 hours. I suppose our library may have opted for just such a limitation. I will ask them.


                Again, your clarifying the meaning of that ubiquitous error message is a great help and relief - thank you.


                I am still hoping to eventually have the latest ADE 4.0.3 up and authorized. I will likely post again, this thread.

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                  Yes, yes, the clarification you supplied has been extremely helpful, cselhost -- that info about what the error message means. In fact I returned to the online public lending library site and it allowed me to RE-DOWNLOAD the .ascm files for those two titles that I was unable to load into my ADE library, and thence I could Add the two to my ADE bookshelf.


                  Wow, you're a lifesaver!


                  I still hope to soon work around the ADE 4.0.3 failure to reauthorize my PC (claiming connection failure to the activation server) and then I'll be in tiptop shape with the newest version working and a greater understanding of the pitfalls and how to avoid snags!



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                    Ah! ADE 4.0.3 is now working perfectly. End of discussion. I reinstalled ADE 4 and it started up authorized, I can add borrowed titles. No more "Error - Check activation". No more "unable to connect to the activation server". I don't know what specifically remedied the situation but...




                    This thread, and my woes, are now at an end.



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                      cselhost Level 2

                      Glad to hear that this was resolved!