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    delay property inside validate action




      Let's say there is a pdf file with a text field named txtName.

      This javascript code will run when a button is clicked.


      this.delay = true;

      this.getField('txtName').value = 'test 1';

      this.getField('txtName').textColor = color.green;

      this.delay = false;

      txtName text field also has a validate action which runs this javascript code. Validate action is triggered after "this.getField('txtName').value = 'test 1'; " is executed in above code.

      this.delay = true;

      this.getField('txtName').broderStyle = border.d;

      this.getField('txtName').comb = true;

      this.delay = false;

      According to pdf javascript specification what should be the order text field should update?

      Should border style and comb update before color or should they update after setting color?