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    Which Hardware to choose Mac / PC - Please just give advice...


      Hi ..


      I have been doing some Video shooting and editing over the last 2 years and I have been working

      on a 15" MacBook Pro, Retina Screen, 2 GraphicsCards, 1 TB SSD, 16 GB RAM etc ...2014 Model - Top Specs.


      I has worked out fine from 2 perspectives.

      • I work a lot out by the customer so the Mobility is good
      • I have been doing Interview Videos - 2 - 10 Minute in length os the render time is OK
        • Sometimes I have done some edits which have resultet in Videos about 20 minutes long = rendering time one hour .


      But it seems I need to move up in length, complexity and more effects, clips, transitions, subtexts, etc. and I think

      I need more screen-real estate and also more power for rendering and using the different effects.


      Preferably I would go to the Mac Pro good specs BUT .. It is JUST so expensive. Then I thought IMac - Top Specs - Retina 5K etc. BUT

      I also keep hearing .. "You get more t´for the money when buying a PC" and sure enough - I have looked at it and I looks like they are right

      I could also go to a WorkStation type, like the HP Z840 - And again - VERY EXPENSIVE.


      So I have a few questions and I would very much hear views..... Except from for the usual Religious stuff between MAC and PC-Users



      1. How do you handle an issue of Mobility - Doing stuff at a Customer and also doing stuff in the Home Office.
      2. Is it workable with a MacBook for mobile situations and then a PC for Home Office
        1. Does it actually present problems if starting a project on the one platform and finishing on the other? (Mac / PC)
      3. What should I chose:
        1. Mac Pro - Lower Specs
        2. IMac - Top Specs
        3. PC - Similar to a HighEnd Gamin Desktop PC - 2 Graphics Cards in SLI or A nvidia quadro
        4. Workstation

      Please advice - I am really confused and need the help



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          THOMAS THANE - DK Level 1



          Thanks for answering but this only give me a LONG list of options or things to remember and take into into account .. But as
          I am QUITE new in this field I would like something that was in human language in terms of advice etc.





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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            in one way its mac pro and pc workstation vs imac and pc desktop. workstation grade computers are generally 2-3x more expensive, slightly more reliable, and usually have better service plans, but you have to decide if that premium is worth it. none of the imac's have a good video card until the imac 5k, at that point the price goes way up to cover the 5k panel. a slightly faster performing hp desktop will be about half the price as the imac 5k, but of course it doesn't come with a monitor.


            if you have the top end 4 core i7 macbook pro, the imac cpu wont be alot faster, so there wont be much of a point to getting it over your laptop. that leaves fast desktop pc's or fast workstation grade pc or macpro. a high end desktop pc with a i7-5960X will be around 2x faster than your laptop at around $3k. a similar workstation pc/mac will be around $6k+. quadro's are workstation grade and most of their other benefits are lost when working with premiere, so many just use a gtx version.


            as far as transferring projects between computers, i don't know first hand the problems, but the way windows and mac os mount volumes seems to be the major hurdle. this changes the path\location to the media and i believe it requires relinking media. the relink function can work well in some cases, as it has an option to search and relink other files automatically once the first is found. most of the time this works, but some media formats such as picture sequences sometimes have problems.


            also if you started a project on your laptop and were to finish on another computer, using external drives would make this transfer more convenient. depending how much storage space you need, there are samsung t1 usb 3 ssd's that are very fast and small for staying mobile. if there is enough space, keeping a second copy of the media on the internal laptop storage would be good for redundancy. if there isn't enough space, another external regular hdd could also be used for backup. there are also multi drive (2-4 bay) external storage systems that are larger and offer raid, but require extra power connection. you will also need to consider usb vs thunderbolt ports, and which are available on the laptop and the new computer you decide on.

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              THOMAS THANE - DK Level 1

              Ronin Edits ...


              Thanks for the VERY comprehensive answer - Just what I needed ;o)


              So as far as I can gather these are the conclusions I can draw.

              • I do not need the WS Grade PC or MacBook Pro - Especially not for the better service plans as I will have 2 different machines and can switch to the other if one should break down. As fas as the speed goes it would probably be a advantage but maybe a too expensive advantage.
              • The Imac is out due too the "no imrovement on the CPU side" as I also wanted to improve workflow for and maybe do more rendering home at the office where the most powerfull machine would be.
              • And the desktop PC would be out as I Now have a MacBook pro with below specifications already and it would not be a preferred workflow with 2 different file systems and maybe effects working differently ??


              SO - IF I need speed and render capability and also faster and better support on effects - What DO I do because in above scenario there is no better tool than the MacBook I have and the next step is a Mac Pro with the added cost .. BIG cost ..


              Is that correctly understood .?


              And do not misunderstand me - I really appreciate your answer ..;o)







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                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                the option to transfer projects between mac and windows shouldn't be an instant dead end. others here may have better information on how well that works or doesn't and which problems you may likely face. if you know anyone with a windows machine and premiere, you could try transferring a small project to see first hand how well it works. you could even transfer a small test project over the web to someone with a few small clips to see what happens. if you have bootcamp and windows, you could even test it on your laptop. the main thing would be if you use a certain media type, to test that.  just to be clear, its not always a mac vs windows project transfer problem, there have been posts here where people had problems moving a project from one mac to another, or one windows machine to another.


                another option is to buy a used, new mac pro 8 or 12 core with d300's or d500's, or old mac pro with dual 6 core westmere xeon cpu's. either one will be alot faster than the laptop you have. several old mac pro's are on ebay for around $2k for ones with 24-32gb ram, but many dont have a good video card. you may be able to get a good video card like the gtx 970 or faster to work with an older mac pro from here MacVidCards.com - Home. another option is to sell the macbook and get a windows laptop and desktop.

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                  Ed2149 Level 1

                  we use both Mac and PC in our edit setup all sharif projects, no issues thoughedit is kept om a shared media server so access point s are always the same for the project but worst case you would need to relink.


                  the Mac pro's all run pc GTX cards inc 660 and 750 no problems. Not tried 900 but I think they now accept Maxwell just double check. You loose the boot screen but I just left old cards in machines so can swap over if needed.

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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    As long as you network the Mac and PC's, moving files is not limited by file system compatibility or support in any way. The network protocols and services translate the file data into packet info which is universal for OSX and Windows. I would also suggest you look at an X99 workstation with 6 Core 5930K or 8 core 5960X with 32GB of DDR4 and a 980Ti or Titan X video card. That would give you far better performance for Adobe than the other options. the nMPro is still the previous gen platform and DDR4 has a huge impact on GPU acceleration performance besides Cuda still performing better than Open CL in Adobe.