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    Frame blending issues/artifacts in After Effects CC 2015


      Ever since I upgraded to CC 2015, I've notice issues arising from using time-remapping with frame blending set to pixel motion on a given layer. I never had problems in this area with the previous versions of the software.


      The video in question was shot with a Canon 5D MKII, and the .MOV file has been dropped into a 25FPS HD timeline. I have added some speed adjustments, speeding the clip up initially and then slowing it down a small amount. I'm getting nasty glitching, occasionally only half the frame is visible and every now and then the entire picture goes transparent for a single frame's duration. Pre-composing the layer has no effect.


      I'm not sure how AE is calculating frame blending (and dealing with codec key frames) differently to previous versions, but I've always had success with this kind of video file in the past, which as far as I know is H.264 in a Quicktime wrapper. I'm going to try and pre-render the file to a different format, but this is cumbersome and works against the multi-format compatibility that I've always come to expect from Adobe.


      Is there an update coming anytime that will be addressing this issue?




      EDIT: Subsequent to my forum post, I have transcoded the base asset into a number of lossless formats and replaced the sequence media with them, all to no avail. The artifacts seem to change position. Time-remapping seems to be rendered useless.