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    Odyssey 7Q ProRes Files in CS6 Look Terrible


      I'm using footage from a FS700 - Odyssey 7Q, which I'm cutting in FCP7 and sending to AE CS6 via ProRes 422HQ exports, which I have done on quite a few projects now. But inside After Effects, the files look terrible. Noticeable loss in sharpness, a strange sort of noise or grain across the image that is not present in the original files.


      This is only present in the 7Q ProRes files, as if I transcode the native MTS files from the FS700 to ProRes via 5DtoRGB, the file inside AE CS6 looks fine. The 7Q files look fine in FCP7, but something seems to be happening inside After Effects which is a complete mystery to me.


      If anyone has any experience with this or light they could shed on this issue, it would be greatly appreciated!