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    Laggy Wacom Intuos performance......


      So I've had this issue for CC2014 and it's also present on CC2015.


      OSX 10.10.3 - latest Wacom drivers and an Intuos 4 Small.


      When working on projects an moving keyframes, the keyframes stick/take a second to release once they have been dragged meaning the Wacom is pretty much unusable. The same happens when dragging layers around in the comp window and layers along the timeline. Things improve once I clear my image cache and purge the memory.


      This is noticeable more on heavier projects/comps with more assets and more going on.


      I have had this issue for the last couple of versions of AE. All OSX. I always have the most up to date Wacom drivers.


      Once thing to note - I use the Wacom in Mouse Mode rather than table mode. I have done a few tests and I think I notice a difference if I switch to normal tablet mapping in the Wacom preferences. The lag disappears. But, I do for my own personal reasons like to use mouse mode. I also think I notice the issue more when using my Macbook Pro (Retina i7/16GB) rather than a high spec iMac (5k i7/32GB) - this difference may well just be in my head though.


      I have had other people I know have similar issues to this which also drives them up the all.


      On every other application I use (including other Adobe programs) there is no issue whatsoever. It is infuriating to me as AE is my main program that I use and I constantly find myself having to use a physical mouse for many tasks such as moving keyframes in time.


      Does anyone have any pointers as to what is the issue and if there is a solution or not? More a Wacom thing or an AE thing? My gut tells me AE given I have no problems in other programs.


      Thank you.