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    Auto Flow of large string of serial numbers.

    Lymn Associates

      I have a large amount of serial numbers in the format of 'XXX - 000 - 000' for label print. on each page I am printing 50 labels and for every label I need to have the serial number duplicated another two times (there will be two serial number labels per product required and a reference serial number left on the page for documentation).


      I have these serial numbers in excel and can use the autoflow feature to auto generate my pages based on one of these three sets of serial numbers. However when I attempt to do this for one of the other sets of serial numbers it removes the autoflow from the first.


      Below is an image of an example of a final page [left] and a shot of the document between pages 1 and 2 showing the issue [right]. Currently I have the document up to 5,000 serial numbers which it created 100 pages for after I added the serial numbers into the right hand column. Attempting to do the same in either of the other two removes it from the first.


      I may be using a really impracticable technique at the moment. Any thoughts on how I can make this happen?