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    Auto chapter numbers for chapters inside a single document

    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

      I just got a question from a reader of my VQS. He wants to know how to "capture" the chapter number and the chapter title for my chapters for footers in the document.


      I know how I do it on a template that is used for each single document that is each chapter. These documents are assembled into a book. The chapter numbers are set to "Automatic Chapter Numbering."


      But chapter numbers can only increase if the documents are separate files assembled into a book. (At least I think that's true.)


      But what if you flow a document with all the chapters inside that single file? How would you set the chapter numbers to automatically change for the footers? I suspect you would need a paragraph  or character style text variable as a footer. But how would you get the chapter numbers to advance automatically?


      Would you use bullets and numbering in that paragraph style?


      I know how to do these. I just wonder what people would do for their workflow.