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    After Effects CC 2015 nightmare > how to downgrade and/or make AE work?



      I was kind of forced to upgrade to the latest version of After Effects as I wanted to import a Premiere file from a client. Then everything went downhill. After 'successful' upgrade of AE I started to encounter diverse problems, especially around the user interface which wouldn't allow me to deactivate certain filters or open content folders. Then suddenly after importing a new file AE wouldn't display any content at all, everything appears black in both composition and footage window, and also in the thumb preview of the project bin. Clicking play makes even the black placeholder disappear. Complete damage.

      Starting a new project and loading new content works alright so it seems like there's a bug in that specific comp I'm working in or some random setting on which makes these things happen.

      Anyhow I've wasted many hours on problem solving already and can't find a way out. I'd like to downgrade to cc 2014 but even here I'm having no success. This guide doesn't work for me since After Effects doesn't appear under additional apps and there's no drop down menu to choose older versions either.

      Any experience or ideas out there regarding downgrade?