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    one catalog two desktop and one ipad/iphone.


      I have my main catalog on a iMac at home. I have another one at work and two mobile devices. Is there any way have the same catalog sychronized over the cloud on the two imac ? In other words if my master catalog is at home, can I have a syncronized copy on my mac at work  like if one was the desktop and the other one a client?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The easiest and safest way to have access on both computers is to have your catalog and your images on an external hard drive which can be switched between the two computers. Some people have had success putting the catalog on Dropbox, but you have to be diligent in allowing time for the update to take place after you have closed the catalog on one computer. If you are using Lightroom CC you can install Lightroom Mobile on your iPad and iPhone. Then you can synchronize collections and the adjustments you make on your iPad or iPhone will be applied to the images in your master catalog. You


          Lightroom is not designed to be a multiuser program. The catalog needs to be on a hard drive that is attached locally to the computer that is running Lightroom.