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    Incorrect character shown in EPS after 2015 upgrade


      Hi all,


      I noticed that after upgrading to InDesign CC 2015, some characters in placed EPS files aren't being displayed correctly.  I have an example where the summation symbol is being displayed as a bullet. 


      I opened the EPS files in Illustrator and the same issue appears.  In Illustrator CC 2015, the highlighted summation symbol (U+2211) is replaced by a bullet (U+2022):


      Here's what it looks like in Illustrator CC 2014 (where the symbol displays correctly):


      This is an EPS files exported from MathType (our workflow involves exporting EPS from MathType and placing into InDesign).  We've had issues with some characters from MathType displaying incorrectly, but I this may be different.  In this case, both screen shots are from the exact same EPS file, just opened in different versions of Illustrator.  Both the display of the symbol and the Unicode value is different.


      The EPS file itself is available here: http://adobe.ly/1Lyf1kL


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!