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    Best practice for XML importing from multiple sources into copies of template


      I have an InDesign CS6 document with multiple tables (for simplicity, say 3) in it.  The tables all have the same structure, but the contents differ.

      I will periodically update the tables (although not all at the same time) in the document.


      What's the best practice (i.e., your preferred method) so I can create multiple tables out of the same template using XML import to populate the tables, and then later edit the document to update one of the tables?


      Would you recommend I make copies of a template and use prefixes (e.g., <T1:table>...</T1:table>, <T2:table>...</T2:table>, <T3:table>...</T3:table>) within three separate XML files to specify which table gets updated?

      If so, what's an easy way to create a template within InDesign and then assign the prefixes to all the cells in the table and its corresponding non-table elements (e.g., Table #, Table Title)?


      Am I missing a much simpler approach?