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    How do I stop Lightroom from erasing my Titles and Captions in 500px every time it detects a change and says "Modified - Need to be Republished"?

    Kerensky97 Level 1

      Everytime I make the smallest change to a picture in Lightroom (for example adding new keywords) when I goto the 500px module it says "Modified - Need to be Republished".

      The "republishing" erases the existing title and captions from the 500px website, leaving me with a bunch of public images on the site that are "Untitled" and have blank captions.  Some of the captions were a paragraph or more long but since I wrote them a year or more ago I have no idea what was in there so re-writing them is a pain.  If I'm lucky somebody commented on the caption and I can guess what it was about, other times I still have no idea and its like listening to the comments as a one sided conversation.


      How can I stop Lightroom from corrupting my 500px data?


      Lightroom CC, running on Windows 7 Professional