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    Alphabetical Sorting Options TOC

    KiersM Level 1

      Are there any options for governing how Alphabetical Sorting in a Table of Contents works?


      I have a document where the ToC has entries:


      I Am

      I Feel...

      If Faith...

      I Find...


      The TOC in ID sorts them as above, treating them as if the spaces don't exist, but my client would like


      I Am

      I Feel
      I Find
      If Faith


      (i.e. treating the space character as an entity which sorts before the other characters - which incidentally is the order that the OS sorts the file names of corresponding documents).


      Similarly, with apostrophes:
      I'm Here...

      I'm Not


      Should be:


      I'm Here
      I'm Not



      Are there any options in ID to make it work this way, or scripts to create a ToC which adheres to this?