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    signing trouble


      i used to be able to sign my pdf documents, but now it just gives me "creation of this signature could not be created" unknow error.  can anyone help me?

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          sukritd15 Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          Please explain the work flow what kind of signatures are you trying to create and getting this unknown error.

          Please tell the OS you work on.

          Also tell the version of Acrobat you are using.

          Are you trying to sign the PDF using Fill&Sign or trying to create a Digital ID?

          Is there any other error code associated with the message?

          Are you experiencing this issue with all the PDF' and not able to sign some specific PDF'?

          Please share the screen shot of the error message if possible.



          Sukrit Dhingra

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            dglendenning32 Level 1

            This is so strange, i could not sign documents at all, then when I was testing this to send you a screen shot, it suddenly worked.  weird.  I actually tried to sign these documents 4 times yesterday, using the exact same technique as I always had and got the error message.  Today, when trying to send you this info, it suddenly let me sign them.  can't explain it, but am happy to get it done.

            Thanks for responding anyway.


            I work on windows 7, Dell N5050 laptop.

            Adobe Acrobat 8.1.0

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              dglendenning32 Level 1

              Well, it now does not work again.  Attached is a snip of the screen shot.

              the process goes along fine, lets me go thru the sign process, but at the very end, does not complete and gives me the error message.  This is what is typically been happening.pdf error message.JPG

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                IsakTen Level 4

                Which exact version of Acrobat (including minor) are you using?

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                  dglendenning32 Level 1

                  I don't know what a "minor" version is.  where do I find that?

                  all i see when I go to About Adobe is:  Version 8.1.0

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                    IsakTen Level 4

                    You're using Acrobat 8 which is not supported anymore for like 4-5 years. Even if it has a bug that causes this behavior it will not be fixed. Recent Reader versions  11.0.07 and later and DC) allow you to sign. Try to use them for signing and see whether the same problem happens.