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    HumanSoftware/Plugin and Extension Manager dont work



      i have a problem with a plugin HDREffects from the HumanSoftware. With Version PS CC 2014 everything was fine. With a Version PS2015 don´t work the plugin.

      I have download the latest Version from the Adobe-Download-Shop site . My Extension Manager Version 7.2.39 reports: "The Extension is causing a conflict in the product PS CC 2015 64 bit"

      Nevertheless a 64.8bf file is installed (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015\Plug-Ins). I can started the plug-in in the program PS CC 2015 but i don´t see the plug-in Dialog and the menu bar of PS is not responding. The plugin Dialog is nowhere to be seen on the Screen. All functions are blocked in Photoshop. PS i can only close via the task manager

      The support of the HumanSoftware is stumped.

      Does somebody ha any idea?



      Sorry for my bad english