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    Placing Images and Overset Text


      I'm a novice in Indesign, but i can do the basics. I imported an Excel spreadsheet, then I needed to add images. I tried to import the images with the spreadsheet, but for some reason, it was hit or miss with what images were imported. So i decided to place them individually. I would load up 6 or so at a time so I could click and drag out the image, but once I release the mouse, the image wouldn't show up - the next image would be loaded to place. I would click and drag that one, and nothing would show up. Only if i went BACK into File/Place, re-selected my images, and re-clicked and dragged would the images show up. After all my images were finally on the spreadsheet (which took forever since i had to do it twice), my preflight now shows i have 11 errors of overset text. When i click on the page to take me to the error, the entire column of images is highlighted and i don't know why. I checked the images and made sure they are within the table rows/columns guides.


      I export the file into a PDF and it looks fine, so i was able to complete the project, but it's really bothering my why i couldn't place the images the first time around and how i go about fixing the overset text.


      I'm sure someone out there can help this beginner! I'd really appreciate it!