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    Need help on adding Impression tracking pixel in Flash CC


      I have a flash banner i created and i'm trying to embed the below tracking tag within the swf file


      Tracking tag - https://beacon.krxd.net/event.gif?event_id=J2Lp9Wsx&event_type=rtg&Source=PTOD


      I'm tiring to follow this instructions on inserting a tracking pixel into fla files  Call a pixel in a Flash creative - DoubleClick Creative Solutions Help

      I created a movie clip and added the following code:

      var _trackingPixelLoaded:Boolean;

      function loadTrackingPixel():void {

          if (! _trackingPixelLoaded) {

              trace("Loading pixel...");

      // rand used to replace [timestamp] macro

              var rand:Number=Math.floor(Math.random() * 10000000);


      url:String="https://beacon.krxd.net/event.gif?event_id=J2Lp9Wsx&event_type=rtg&Source=PTOD" + rand;

              var loader:Loader = new Loader();



              loader.load(new URLRequest(url));




      function pixelLoaded(e:Event) {

          trace("Pixel loaded successfully.");


      function pixelFailed(e:Event) {

          trace("Pixel failed to load.");



      but because flash knowledge isn't great i'm not sure if i am doing it right

      Any help would be appreciated