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    Getting the footnote number for index entries which are in footnotes

    Br. Charles FI

      I am laying out a scholarly book, and have just finished the index. Now I need to find which entries are in footnotes, and get the footnote number. I will then manually edit the generated index to include the footnote numbers. Each chapter is in a separate story within the same Indesign document (not an Indesign Book), and the footnote numbering starts over at the beginning of each chapter/story. I have also included some of the front matter in the index, so I do have entries in lower-case roman numerals.



      Original: A se ipso (Aseity) 190, 231, 253, 269, 270, 272, 274

      Edited: A se ipso (Aseity) 190, 231nn96-97, 253, 269, 270n201, 272, 274


      The logic I am thinking of would go something like:

      Open new document

      For each index entry

           If (in footnote)

                Get and output: topic, (tab) page number/range associated with entry, (tab) footnote number (new line)

           end if

      end For Each

      end script


      Alternatively, I could

           Search through only footnotes

                at each entry output: topic, (tab) page number/range associated with entry, (tab) footnote number (new line)


      In another thread, I saw this:

      1. myFoot = app.selection[0].footnotes[0]; 
      2. whichOne = myFoot.index - myFoot.parent.footnotes[0].index; 


      This may be what I am looking for, but i am not yet sure, since I also saw that "index" refers to the z-order.


      Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Indesign Scripting, so the actual piecing it together by myself is, currently, beyond me. I could do this manually (I have started doing so) but that will take quite a while, and this book is already overdue.


      God reward you,

      brother Charles, FI