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    Lightroom grid view "No filter" and images still missing from count


      Hello All:


      Adobe Lightroom CC, Windows 8.1, fast machine, tons of images in the catalog.

      Somehow during a day of vigorous searching I toggled *something* that made my results go awry. Now there are thousands of images missing from my total image count even with "no filter" selected. I've poked around a bit and can't see any reason for it. My total images I know is correct (or at least in the ballpark) according to the "All Photographs" category in my left hand menu. However, the number in my images found is thousands less.

      I'm 90% positive it's something I checked, unchecked or accidentally pushed but I can't seem to undo it after a significant amount of searching.


      Can you point me in the right direction?


      Thanks in advance.